The competence center of mental health in education (»kogeb«) and the »initiative - health - education – development in Lower Saxony« (»the initiative«) were the contracting authorities of the development of the QHPS procedure.

»the initiative« has been started in December 2007 by the health insurance AOK Lower Saxony, the Association for health and Academy for social medicine of Lower Saxony and the Center for Applied Health Science at Leuphana University Lueneburg (CAHS). Later, the accident insurance association Hannover and the Bertelsmann Foundation became partners. Together they strived for a sustainable implementation of ‘health - education – development’ in pre-schools, schools and other educational institutions by applying an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach. The core aim of »the initiative« is to promote the health and educational quality in Lower Saxony. Get more information at

»kogeb« has been started in March 2008 and funded by the accident insurers North Rhine-Westphalia (UK NRW) and Hannover (GUVH). Based on the understanding of education and health as interrelated areas, it was founded to keep track of developments in the field of mental health and possibilities to its promotion in educational contexts, and to generate action-oriented suggestions for activities of the three partners (UK NRW, GUVH and Center for Applied Health Science - CAHS). The core task of »kogeb« is to provide transfer between knowledge development and action orientation. Get more information at


The accident insurance North-Rhine Westfalia (UK NRW) supported the development of the QHPS-procedure



The health insurance AOK Lower Saxony (AOK Niedersachsen) supported the development of the QHPS-procedure