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‘Building on the previous three successful European Conferences on Health Promoting Schools – Greece in 1997, the Netherlands in 2002, and Lithuania in 2009 – this conference aims to consolidate, strengthen, disseminate and share research, policy and practice within the field of health promotion in schools. The conference focus will be on equity in health through school-based health promotion, linking equity with key issues such as sustainability, social inclusion, innovation and change.’

‘All with a professional interest in school health promotion and the health and well-being of children and young people in Europe and further afield’ are invited, ‘including: Decision makers and policy makers from health and education sectors; Researchers and experts from health and education sectors; School, educational sector and health sector practitioners; Students (PhD and MA levels); Representatives from youth, parental, governmental, nongovernmental, international, national and local organizations’.

Participants ‘will have opportunity to actively share, exchange and discuss with colleagues from across Europe and beyond current trends in policy development, research and practice related to school-based health promotion.’ They ‘can also help to strengthen the evidence base for school health promotion and its contribution to equity in health’

[Source: http://schools4health.dk]

Abstract book available at: http://schools4health.dk [see page 326]

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