The QHPS procedure has been evaluated twice. Professional personnel of the health insurance 'AOK Niedersachsen’ and the accident insurance ‘Unfallkasse NRW’ acted as assessors (N = 15). Practicality, suitability, completeness and the reliability of the procedure were evaluated. This was examined by applying a standardized online questionnaire. The reliability was ascertained by applying Cohen’s Kappa (κ) to control for contingency to calculate interrater-reliability.

Figures show satisfactory results on average for three of the four quality dimensions. Only the dimension “results” ranged slightly under the targeted mark of κ=0.61. The practicality, suitability and completeness of the procedure were consistently rated positively. The experts highly valued the ability of the instrument to adapt to educational features of schools. More than 85 percent of them also agreed that the QHPS procedure indeed measures quality. The majority of respondents gave testimony that the procedure is clearly laid out; that the quality features are very clearly described; and that the descriptors (i.e. the quality indicators) enable the assessment of programs via QHPS.