Some essential considerations are recommended for the application of the QHPS procedure:

  • Quality assessors: It is recommended that each programme is assessed by at least 2 independent persons. This allows for a comparative discussion of results and the consensual elimination of occurring deviations. It is recommended that potential assessors participate in a training course prior to the application of the QHPS procedure.
  • Sources for quality assessment: Extensive information is required in order to adequately assess the quality of health-related programmes in schools. In principle, only written material can be taken into account. Important sources are: programme manuals, books, and scientific articles, but also websites related to the programme, as well as unpublished reports and brochures.
  • Required time frame: Various factors affect the required amount of time for the assessment of a programme, such as the complexity of the programme, the availability of information or the experience of the assessors. Time resources needed are remarkably reduced with increasing experience and routine, as evaluation has shown so far.
  • Support in assessing quality: The QHPS manual provides detailed descriptions of every quality feature and highly standardized specifications which allow for an objective assessment of the fulfillment of the quality requirements. This can be scored on three levels: yes (2 points), partially (1 point), no (0 points). The manual is currently only available in German, but an English language version is planned.